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Multi-Agency Training

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Our mission is to provide high quality, up-to-date training on safeguarding. This training will enable frontline practitioners working with children and families living in Brighton & Hove to keep safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children at the centre of their work.

Our multi-agency training enables staff and volunteers to work effectively across boundaries and organisations. This takes into account the individual rights of both participants and the children and families served with regards to race, culture, gender, experience of disability, language, sexuality and sexual orientation.

Brighton & Hove Local Safeguarding Children Board’s Training Programme is based upon the following principles that will underpin all training events:

  • All training is child focussed ensuring the voice of the child and the child’s welfare remain paramount.
  • Training is delivered by trainers who are experts in safeguarding, child protection and promoting welfare.
  • Training is informed by current evidence based research, lessons from serious case reviews, child deaths, practice developments and national and local policy

Brighton & Hove Local Safeguarding Children Board provides multi-agency training and development for staff to help them safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people. The purpose of multi-agency training is to help practitioners achieve the following:

  • Collaborate effectively with colleagues across organisational boundaries
  • Understand each others’ roles and responsibilities
  • Know what services are available locally for children and families
  • Share knowledge and expertise
  • Understand how different agencies operate
  • Recognise the value of multi-disciplinary working in safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.

Read our Training & Development Strategy 2016-19 for more information.

Course Outlines and Resources
If you are looking for an introduction to safeguarding we recommend that you complete the three core courses, under the title of Working Together to Safeguard Children.
For more experienced practitioners we have a range of more specialised courses focusing on different areas of concern from domestic abuse, to child sexual exploitation , hostile parents  and mental health.

Working Together to Safeguard Children 1: Developing a Core Understanding

This is the first of the LSCB ‘Working Together…’ three one-day courses which bring together those from across the children’s workforce so they can understand the different and complementary roles they all play in protecting children from abuse.

  • To be able to describe the role and responsibilities of other professionals in safeguarding children;
  • Understand the role of inter-professional working in Safeguarding Children (including Family CAF);
  • Be able to describe the categories of abuse and potential indicators of abuse;
  • Identify which factors place some children at increased risk of abuse;
  • Know how, when and with whom to share information.


Working Together to Safeguard Children 2: Assessment, Referral & Investigation

This is the second of the LSCB ‘Working Together’ three one-day courses:

  • Understand the Assessment Framework in relation to safeguarding children;
  • To be clear on how to make a Child Protection Referral;
  • Understand the aims, purpose and process of Section 47 Investigations;
  • Have an awareness of own and others’ roles and responsibilities in the Section 47 process.


Working Together to Safeguard Children 3: Child Protection Conferences & Core Groups

This is the last of the LSCB ‘Working Together’ three one-day courses:

  • Understand the aims, purpose and process of a Child Protection Conference and Core Group;
  • Have an awareness of own and other’s roles and responsibilities in this process;
  • Develop practice in preparation and presentation in the Conference setting;
  • Understand the relevance of Core Group in the implementation of the Child Protection Plan;
  • To develop understanding of the risk and protective factors which determine whether a CP or CIN Plan is needed.


Domestic Violence & Abuse: The Impact on Children & Young People

Run in partnership with RISE this one day course will enhance participants’ knowledge of the impact of domestic abuse on children and young people and develop greater potential for interagency working.

  • Confidently use skills to work with families where domestic abuse is occurring;
  • Understand the knowledge base regarding the impact of domestic abuse on children and young people;
  • Understand interagency developments around domestic abuse;
  • Work more effectively with other agencies.


Preventing & Disrupting the Sexual Exploitation of Children & Young People

Facilitated by The WiSE Project, this course will increase your awareness of the prevalence of CSE in Brighton & Hove, help you spots the signs and recognise what may make a young person vulnerable to this abuse, and signpost you to relevant support & services.

  •  Understand the sexual exploitation of children and young people and places a young person at risk.
  • Gain knowledge of prevalence and forms of young people’s sexual exploitation in Brighton and Hove.
  • Recognise vulnerabilities and risk indicators.
  • How to get support for young people who are exploited.
  • Be aware of Sexual Offences Act 2003 and other relevant legislation and guidance.


Child Sexual Exploitation: Working with Young People at Risk

Led by The WiSE Project, this full day course follows on from our introductory course Preventing & Disrupting the Sexual Exploitation of Children & Young People, and aims to provide workers with the confidence and skills to work with young people around issues relating to CSE. It will help you develop practical skills to use when working with young people and:

  • Review vulnerabilities and risk indicators
  • Improve skills in working directly with young people about CSE related issues
  • Develop an understanding of online risk, the reasons why young people might be vulnerable and ways they can protect themselves
  • Understand the work Sussex Police undertake to disrupt the exploitation of young people in Brighton & Hove as part of the multiagency team, and how to report CSE to them
  • How to get support for young people who are exploited
  • Be aware of Sexual Offences Act 2003 and other relevant legislation and guidance


Mental Health & Children’s Services: Working Together with Families

This one day course is for professionals in children’s & adult mental health services who may undertake, or be involved in assessments and interventions with families where a parent/carer has a mental health difficulty.

  • Understand the roles of professionals working in other specialist areas, what they do and what they provide;
  • Consider ways in which parental mental ill health and parenting capacity interact;
  • Identify the potential effects of parental mental health difficulties on children and young people;
  • Explore how to plan and undertake assessments and interventions in families where a parent/carer has a mental health difficulty (including CPA, Family CAF and where there is a CP Plan).


MAPPA Workshop – Risk Management of Known Offenders

This two hour multi agency event is targeted at practitioners and managers who are not working with offenders in the normal course of their work.  This event will be particularly useful to staff working in housing, health, social services (children and adults), schools and colleges.

  • Understand how Multi-Agency Public Protection works in co-ordinating risk management in the community;
  • Be able to identify those who are involved;
  • Recognise agencies roles and responsibilities;
  • Identify your own individual professional responsibility;
  • Have knowledge of key contact information and lines of communication.


Safeguarding Children with Disabilities

Children with disabilities are more vulnerable to abuse or neglect than other children and have additional needs that must be met if they are to be properly safeguarded. This course will provide practitioners with knowledge of issues in relation to safeguarding children.

  • Identify the factors that make children with disabilities more vulnerable to harm and their safeguarding needs;
  • Recognise the attitudes and assumptions that can exist in relation to children with disabilities, abuse and neglect;
  • Identify safe practice in the provision of intimate care;
  • Have understanding of multi-agency roles in safeguarding children with disabilities;
  • Gain practice skills in communicating with children with disabilities when investigating abuse or neglect.


Working with Parents with a Learning Disability

There is a need for practitioners working with parents with learning disabilities to work in inter-agency partnership.  This one day course explores assessment and planning work to support these families in the community.

  • Understand the needs and experiences of parents with a learning disability;
  • Understand the needs and experiences of children living with a parent with a learning disability;
  • Know potential risk factors for children;
  • Understand the interventions that promote positive outcomes for children and parents;
  • Recognise the roles of adult and children services in working together with families in these situations.

Substance Misuse and Parenting Capacity

There is a need for practitioners working with substance misusing parents to work in inter-agency partnership. This one day course explores the potential impact on children of parental substance misuse and how we can work together in assessment and interventions with these families.

  • Understand the potential impact of substance misuse in pregnancy;
  • Understand the potential impact of parental substance misuse on children / young people;
  • Understand how substance misuse may affect parenting capacity;
  • Understand risk and protective factors for children living with substance misusing parents;
  • Explore the role of inter-agency working in protecting children growing up with substance misusing parents.


Additional Training:

The Children’s Services Core Skills and Knowledge Programme is a training guide for staff working in children’s services in Brighton & Hove. It is available to all people working in Brighton & Hove and is free to those working in the community and voluntary sector. Click here for more information on courses and application form.

Online FGM Training The Home Office have developed free online training on Female Genital Mutilation to support professionals to protect women & girls.