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Participation & Engagement Subcommittee

Terms of Reference

Brighton & Hove LSCB’s Learning & Improvement Framework describes Participation & Engagement as a key building block which underpins the LSCB’s challenge and scrutiny role. This encompasses children & young people, parents & carers, and frontline staff & managers to make sure we have an extensive range of experiences to draw upon. Working Together 2015 states that a key function of the LSCB is: “communicating to persons and bodies.. the need to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, raising their awareness of how this can best be done and encouraging them to do so.” The Safeguarding Adult Board, as stated in the Care Act 2014 “must understand the many and potentially different concerns of the various groups that make up its local community,” and  “can be an important source of advice and assistance, for example in helping others improve their safeguarding mechanisms”.

The LSCB & SAB Participation & Engagement Subcommittee brings together representatives from across the partnership from both Safeguarding Boards, and is instrumental in supporting the communication and collaboration of the work of each LSCB subcommittee (notably the Learning & Development, Monitoring & Evaluation and Case Review subcommittees) and each SAB subgroups (notably Learning & Development, Safeguarding Adult Review and Quality Assurance subcommittees), so as the output of one forum informs the input to another.

The subcommittee supports the Boards to create a culture of openness and facilitate effective and regular challenge to all partner agencies. The group brings to life the Participation & Engagement priority area of business on the LSCB Business Plan, and priority areas 3: Focus on Prevention and Early Intervention and 4: Community Awareness and Capacity Building, on the SAB Business Plan.