Self Harm

If you are self harming, you might feel lonely, isolated and like you can’t tell anyone about it – but you are not alone. We really encourage you to talk about it – and more importantly about how you’re feeling.

It might feel difficult (maybe even impossible) to start with. Sometimes writing, drawing or painting how you’re feeling can help too, or some of these other distractions.

We’re not saying it will fix everything, but usually it can really help to get it out – it can help you realise what’s going on inside your head and how you’re feeling, as well as helping others to understand why you may be behaving differently.

You could talk to a friend, family member, someone you trust at school, college or university, your GP, youth worker, or counsellor.

Here are some ideas that might help you to start a conversation about how you’re feeling:

  • I’m finding (…) really hard right now;
  • Can we have a chat about (…);
  • I’ve being doing (…) to myself and I don’t know why;
  • If you’ve got a moment I could really do with a chat;
  • Can I talk to you in private please?

If you’re not quite ready to talk to someone yet, here are four websites you’ll find information and support:

It’s important if you’re harming yourself that you keep yourself safe. If you’re worried that you’ve done something serious, call 999 for an ambulance.