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If you are a Child/Young Person, this part of the website is for you. We can help if:

  • You are being mistreated or abused by someone and you’re not sure what to do
  • You think another child/young person is being mistreated or abused
  • You need advice or need to talk to someone

You can also find useful information if you follow these links:
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Visit the THINKUKNOW website, click on one of the buttons below:
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You can contact Childline about anything. No problem is too big or too small. Whatever your worry it’s better out than in.”

You can contact Childline by phone, email, text or via a message board. To phone call 0800 1111. They have a video that shows you what happens when you contact them and lots of ideas and information about keeping safe. Their website is at www.childline.org.uk.

NSPCC Helpline