Safeguarding Sussex Week 2018


The LSCB in partnership with colleagues from the Safeguarding Adult Board and Safe in the City, are running a number of training events aimed at supporting staff to protect children and young people and adults with care and support needs.  The week long series of events kicks off on Monday 26th November 2018 with a Pan Sussex LSCB Conference.  This exciting one day conference will include a range of keynote speakers presenting on a variety of adolescent focused topics including contextual safeguarding, suicide prevention, consent and transition to Adult Services. The week culminates with an interactive workshop exploring professional difference and challenge.

Monday 26 November

9am – 5pm

Pan Sussex LSCB Conference 2018

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Monday 26 November

2pm – 4pm

Practical Tools for Trauma Informed Working This is an interactive and experiential workshop that will support practitioners to try out different tools and exercises that can help in work with children and adults who have experienced trauma.

Tuesday 27 November

2pm – 5 pm

Children & Young People Who Display Harmful Sexual Behaviours This introductory course to Harmful Sexual Behaviours is a mixture of presentation, discussion and practical exercise and will give staff the opportunity to extend their knowledge of evidence based work with children & young people.

Wednesday 28 November

9.30- 4.30

Mental Health & Children’s Services: Working Together with Families This course brings together staff working in adult mental health services with children’s service’s staff to explore the way parental mental health difficulties can impact on the lives of children and young people.

Thursday 29 November

09.30am –


“Hard to Handle” (Coping with Crying Babies)This session, will raise awareness of the risks of injuries inflicted by shaking babies and the trauma it can cause. Workers will learn about the pattern of injuries including head trauma, the reasons babies cry, how to support parents in managing this.

Thursday 29 November

2pm- 3pm

Introduction to Dual Diagnosis This session will encourage attendees to consider the complex needs for young people. This will also look at the impact of drugs, substance use and mental illness.

Thursday 29 November

09.30am – 11.30pm

Transition from CAMHS to Adult Services

This session will provide insight into the way in which CAMHS and the Wellbeing Service can support young people and help through the transition into adult services provision

Friday 30 November

09.30am – 12.30pm

Professional difference and challenge “to question or not” This interactive workshop will look at the issues around professionals being able to consider how to challenge each others decisions in a productive way that safeguards the child or young person best interests.