Taking part in SCRs & Learning Reviews

The LSCB have a duty to undertake a Serious Case Review (SCR) whenever a child dies; or a child is seriously harmed, and abuse or neglect is know or there are concerns about how organisations or professionals worked together to safeguard the child. In cases that do not meet this criteria the Board may decide to undertake a local multi agency Learning Review to look at how practice in Brighton & Hove may be improved to keep children safe.

All of our reviews use a systems based approach. A system’s approach concentrates not on judging people. Up till relatively recently, reviews of cases often ended up blaming individuals for mistakes and failures, but instead, by taking account of the situation they were in, the tasks they were performing, and the tools they were using etc, our reviews focus on understanding why someone acted (or did not act) in a certain way. They highlight what factors in the system contributed to staff actions making sense to them at the time, and importantly, the reviews will also highlights what is working well and patterns of good practice.

Participation of front line staff and their managers is key to developing this in-depth understanding of the systems in place and how they relate to practice, so they may be asked to have individual or group conversations with the independent lead reviewers, and will be invited to join a case group to meet with the review team and agree the key practice episodes and findings. To support staff asked to contribute we have written the following guidance: LSCB Case Review Guidance for Staff

We also endeavor to involve family members whenever possible in these reviews to understand their perspective on the services provided to them. The information for families can be viewed here: SCR Information for Families

More information on SCRs is available here