Sudden Unexpected Child Death – Rapid Response – Pan Sussex Event.

Dealing with the unexpected death of a child or young person in one of the most intense situations that professional may find themselves having to deal with.

To provide a greater awareness of the roles that multi-agency staff maybe required to undertake in this situation, the LSCB’s across Sussex have come together to provide a day’s Pan Sussex event.

This event will provide an awareness of the working procedures and protocols that should be followed in instances of unexpected child death. It will provide an overview of the roles of the various agencies involved.

The day will also allow multi agency partners to discuss with colleagues their own understanding and conceptions of what needs to take place in the instance of an unexpected child death

The event will be held at County Hall North in Horsham, on 8th February 2019. To book a place at this event click on the link here,

Learning Outcomes

To gain an understanding of the current child death arrangements.
To build on your knowledge of infant injuries including those considered to be non-accidental.
To provide a fuller awareness of child development, and how could impact on any potential incident.
To have a clearer understanding of the role of the Police and Coroners Officer in relation to this type of incident

The LSCB would encourage attendance from professionals who may have occasion to be part of the multi-agency response to a

Sudden Unexpected Death of a Child.