Safeguarding Week – Last Day

The LSCB Safeguarding Week, concludes today. We will be talking Professional Differences, and how to challenge appropriately.

“Sometimes when agencies work together there may be times when a decision made by a worker from another agency is either not safe or not in the best interests of a child. This may relate to professional involvement in early help services, children in need, child protection or children looked after”

We must all work towards a safer environment for the children and young people that live within our local authority, sometimes that means being prepared to be the “voice in the wilderness”, and to make sure that your concern about an action taken by another agency is raised and dealt with appropriately. We all work using the Pan Sussex Procedures and in section 7.2, there is an explanation of how to dissent, at any stage of a child protection investigation. Sometimes it is that lone voice that makes others review their working practice and consider whether there are other ways to protect the needs of the young person.   

As Safeguarding Week concludes, we must not lose sight of the ongoing need to question and consider, how we reduce the risks and potential harm to the young people we strive to keep safer, the risks are every present.

Please remember “Safeguarding does not have a Season” and is Everybody’s Responsibility