Safeguarding Week is Happening

Safeguarding week started with agencies from across our county of Sussex, attending the LSCB Pan Sussex Safeguarding Conference,  hosted at the AMEX Stadium. Also running yesterday afternoon was a Trauma Informed Practice workshop, run by one of our Lead Practitioners and a colleague from Sussex University.

The week continues with a presentation from the Clermont Unit this afternoon, looking at those young people who may display Sexually Harmful Behaviors. Tomorrow we look at working with families where poor mental health may be an issue. Thursday has us thinking about how we can think about reducing the risks to babies, preventing them from be shaken and how we can use methods to reduce the stress of dealing with a crying baby. Also on Thursday, colleagues from CAMHS & The Wellbeing Services provide insight into their respective roles.

Then on Friday to close the week, we have a workshop on Professional Differences and the challenge this can create.

All these sessions along with our full training programme can be found here.