SAB Vision & Priorities

The Board’s vision is that we will all work together to enable people in Brighton & Hove to live a life free from fear, harm and abuse. The Board has identified five priorities that will support the vision to become a reality. These key priorities will set the strategic direction of the Board of the next three years:

Priority Area 1:

Embed practice change and improvement aligned with statutory arrangements implemented from Care Act 2014 and the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

We are focusing on developing our structure and reviewing our practice because the Care Act 2014, and the Mental Capacity Act 2005, mark a shift in how adults are safeguarded and require a change of approach to ensure service users’ choice is at the centre of all services delivered.

Outcome for Adults: Better, differentiated care which reflects choice and expectations, whilst safeguarding service users and their rights.

Priority Area 2:

Develop and strengthen quality assurance

We are focusing on our ability to assure the quality and focus of practice because not only is this our statutory responsibility, but we are in a unique position to take a holistic view of the quality of services across agencies, enabling us to highlight any gaps, overlaps or misalignment of services

Outcome for Adults: Adults will be confident that through an on-going cycle of quality assurance, we are able to take an independent and critical assessment of how their needs are being met, thereby enabling us to drive up standards.

Priority Area 3:

Focus on Prevention and Early Intervention

We are focusing on ensuring that agencies, and the community as a whole, focus on preventing abuse and are providing the right support at an early stage. Stopping abuse or disrupting it at an early stage results in better outcomes for adults, and prevents more disruptive, intrusive and expensive interventions further down the line.

Outcome for Adults: Their risk of being abused or neglected is minimised or, where prevention has not been possible, everything they wish to be done is done to stop it getting any worse.

Priority Area 4:

Community Awareness and Capacity Building

We are focusing on raising the profile and resilience against safeguarding because the more people, especially clients and carers, know about the nature of neglect and abuse and what they can do about it the better vulnerable people can be protected.

Outcome for Adults: More people can act as their eyes and ears and provide support, and seek help and interventions should they witness or suspect abuse or neglect is taking place

Priority Area 5:

Locate the work of the SAB in wider structures.

We are focusing on raising the profile of the SAB and safeguarding more generally because it is important that decision makers and commissioners understand the role of the Board, the nature of abuse and neglect, enabling them to reflect their role in combatting it in their business or commissioning plans.

Outcome for Adults: The response of agencies and decision makers is consistent, and connected, to ensure that all meet their responsibilities to protect vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect.