SAB Subgroups

The Brighton & Hove Safeguarding Adults Board utilizes subgroups to focus on priority areas for development.

Current Subgroups are as follows:

  1. Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR) SubgroupTerms of Reference responsible for commissioning and monitoring safeguarding adult reviews and other multi agency learning review activities in cases where there have been poor outcomes for service users to ensure that lessons are learned to improve partnership working
  2. Policy & Procedures Subgroup (Pan Sussex) –  responsible for producing and updating safeguarding adults policy and procedures in Sussex, on behalf of the three Safeguarding Adults Boards in the county.
  3. Brighton & Hove Practitioners Alliance for Safeguarding Adults (PASA) GroupTerms of Reference comprised of representatives from the independent, voluntary and statutory sector. Meets to increase skill, knowledge and awareness of safeguarding adults, and to raise concerns about guidelines, local practice and training.
  4. Quality Assurance SubgroupTerms of Reference monitors, reports and evaluates performance across organisations with regards to Adult Safeguarding.
  5. Participation & Engagement Subgroup Terms of Reference joint group with the Local Safeguarding Children Board to develop and deliver effective engagement with service users, professionals, the third sector and local communities to increase knowledge around safeguarding to meet the objectives of the joint LSCB & SAB Communication Strategy 2018-21
  6. Learning & Development SubgroupTerms of Reference responsible for the strategy, development, quality assurance and co-ordination of multi-agency safeguarding adults training provision.
  7. Adult Safeguarding Liaison Group (ASLG)New – Terms of Reference to follow.

Each of the subgroups has an individual work plan linked to the SAB business plan and is required to provide regular updates to the SAB on their progress.

The SAB also links to and receives information from a range of other forums such as the Safe in the City Partnership Board, Health & Wellbeing Board