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Participants Pack for LSCB Training: Developing a Core Understanding

Course materials

The course materials, including pre-reading and the participant pack for the day are available below. It is your responsibility as a participant to print these materials and bring them with you to the session – trainers will not bring spare copies. Please ensure you take time to complete the pre-reading prior to the event to that ensure you are able to fully participate.

Participants Programme 

Handout case reviews culture

Presentation handout updated March 15

Handout Early Help Hub Referral Form

Handout Early Help Hub – information for professionals

Handout Early Help Family Assessment Form

Handout Early Help Assessment Practice Standards

Group exercise developing a core understanding

Developing a core understanding case study

Evaluation form Developing a core understanding

Further Information

Start Times Start times may vary, please see your confirmation email for actual start time. Participants should arrive at the venue 15 minutes before the course start time to be sat and ready to start at the stated time.

Late arrival / early departure We understand that unavoidable circumstances may mean that a participant is late for a course or needs to leave early. If you know in advance that this may be an issue for you please contact the LSCB Training Manager on 01273 295993 to discuss. The LSCB Training Manager and the trainers have the right to refuse a place to a participant if they will miss a significant section of the session.

Signing In Participants are required to sign the sheet provided at the start of a course. Failure to do so may result in a participant not being given a certificate and being charged for non-attendance.

Certificates All participants on LSCB courses will receive a Certificate of Attendance, however the trainer reserves the right not to give certificates to people who do not attend for a full day, or are deemed not to have fully participated in the session.

Evaluation Participants will be given an opportunity to evaluate the course at the end of a session. This information will be used to inform future training, including updating materials, changing course content and venue choice. In addition, for some courses participants will be sent a Post Evaluation durvey three months after the session to enable you to reflect and us to gauge learning impact. We advise that this is completed with your line manager within supervision.

Non-attendance To minimise avoidable non attendance the LSCB has a charging policy. If a participant fails to attend for circumstances which were avoidable, their Line Manager will be contacted and a charge of £50 levied. All charges recuperated will be directed back into the training budget.

Refreshments / Lunch In order to allow the LSCB to provide free places to LSCB member agencies on courses we do not provide lunch for participants. For all day courses the LSCB will provide tea, coffee and water throughout the day.

Additional Learning Requirements Should you have any additional requirements which would make your learning and participation on a course better please inform us of this on your application. We will make every effort to meet these needs, and if this is not possible we will contact you to discuss.