1. Mental Health Awareness Week 2019

    15 May, 2019

    It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and this year’s theme is Body Image – how we think and feel about our bodies. Body image issues and mental health problems of all kinds can affect all of us, at any age, at any time.  One in eight 5-19 year olds have a clinically diagnosed mental disorder. Risk factors are cumulative with children […]

  2. New Online Portal for Reporting Child Deaths

    10 May, 2019

    There is a new pan-Sussex system in place for the child death review process, which includes the notification of a child death. From the 1st April 2019 all deaths of children who reside in West Sussex, East Sussex, or Brighton & Hove must be reported via the eCDOP online portal. eCDOP is a user-friendly, secure and flexible […]

  3. New WHO Guidelines on Physical Activity, Screen Time, and Sleep for Young Children

    29 April, 2019

      The World Health Organisation (WHO) has published new guidelines on physical activity, sedentary behaviour, and sleep for children under 5 years of age. The guidelines say that for children to grow up healthy they must spend less time sitting (including being restrained in prams and seats) and watching screens, and more time actively playing, […]

  4. Learning Review – Baby Alex

    15 April, 2019

    Baby Alex – This Learning Review looks at the circumstances surrounding the injury to a five-month-old child while in the care of his parents. Prior to his injuries there were no safeguarding concerns about Alex or his sibling.  They were not known to children’s social care (CSC) or the police. The family was in receipt of […]

  5. Home Office launches #KnifeFree Campaign

    11 April, 2019

      The UK Home Office has launched an anti-knife crime campaign with the aim of reducing knife crime among young people. The #knifefree campaign uses real-life stories of young people who have turned their lives around after making the decision not to carry knives, highlighting the harmful consequences of carrying knives and showing the positive […]

  6. Understanding children’s sexual behaviours – NSPCC Courses

    9 April, 2019

    The NSPCC have published a blog and created two e-learning courses for primary and secondary schools about understanding children’s sexual behaviours. These look at what is ‘normal’, how to assess and manage children displaying sexualised behaviour, and how to respond.   Schools have a responsibility for keeping children safe, managing risk and promoting wellbeing and healthy […]

  7. Supporting healthy child development after sexual abuse

    8 April, 2019

      The university of Bedfordshire has published a series of briefings following a project looking at the mental health and wellbeing needs of young people who have experienced sexual abuse in adolescence. Findings from the literature review have been summarised into four briefings and a summary of the methodology.   Concepts briefing: Concepts and frameworks for thinking […]

  8. Basic Awareness of Safer Sleeping Messages for Babies (under 6 months) Awareness Session

    3 April, 2019

      Thursday 25th April 1pm-3pm   This 2 hour workshop by West Sussex Safeguarding Children Board is aimed at professionals who have NOT previously undertaken Safer Sleeping training and focusses on babies of 6 months and under. It is suitable for foster carers, healthy child practitioners and anyone working with children of this age or […]

  9. Professional difference and challenge

    2 April, 2019

    We would like to encourage staff to consider this course, the first event in the new programme for 2019. Have you ever been to case conference or involved in a child protection investigation, and felt that either you were not being heard or that the enquiries were missing the safety of the child or young […]

  10. Join the Training Pool

    28 February, 2019

    Would you like to add a training qualification to your skill set? Then why not join the LSCB Training Pool? Our trainers come from a range of organisations across the city and deliver our multi agency safeguarding training programme. The assorted skills and experience these professionals bring enhance face to face courses and are a […]