Practice Reminder: Strategy Meetings


If there is reasonable cause to suspect a child is suffering, or is likely to suffer Significant Harm, Children’s Social Care should convene a Strategy Discussion. Depending on the nature of the concerns and the urgency of the situation, this may be undertaken via an actual meeting and / or through a series of telephone discussions with the participants

Earlier this year the LSCB undertook a multi-agency audit to evaluate how effectively current multi-agency practice protects children where concerns have been raised that sexual abuse may be occurring within a family. More on this audit will be published soon.

One of the things we learnt from this activity was that whilst Strategy Discussions were held in all the cases reviwed, the audit found that there were issues related to the involvement of relevant agencies and  in recording.

This has been supported by disucssions held at last month’s Child Protection Liaison Group (CPLG) meeting. The CPLG is a multi-agency forum that meets on a monthly basis. Members bring cases for discussion with a view to improve joint working practice.


A short briefing to remind staff about the purpose of Stategy Meetings, who should be invited, recording expectations and the timing of these dicsussions has been produced. You can read this here :   Strategy Meetings

Practice Reminder

  • If you are invited to attend a strategy meeting make sure you have a clear understanding of your role in the disucssion.
  • Ensure you get a copy of the strategy discussions for your own records.
  • The plan made at the Strategy Discussion/Meeting should reflect the requirement to convene an Initial Child Protection Conference  within 15 working days of the Strategy Discussion/Meeting or, where more than one Strategy Discussion has taken place, within 15 working days of the Strategy Discussion that initiated the Section 47 Enquiry.