Open Space Events for the Sussex-wide Review of Emotional and Wellbeing Support for Children and Young People

There is currently a Pan-Sussex review of emotional support and wellbeing support for children and young people taking place. As part of this, Open space events, meetings where those attending create and manage the agenda, are taking place to create discussions that will contribute to the review.

In the open space event, participants choose sub-topics centred around a specific topic – in this case the topic is children and young persons’ emotional health and wellbeing services in Sussex. Once sub-topics are agreed into an agenda, individual discussions take place in separate break-out spaces and participants sign up to those sub-topics they wish to listen or contribute to. These discussions will then form part of the evidence base for the final review report.

Initial dates are on the link below and more dates will follow.

These events are advertised on EventBrite and to register to attend the link is