New Online Portal for Reporting Child Deaths

There is a new pan-Sussex system in place for the child death review process, which includes the notification of a child death.

From the 1st April 2019 all deaths of children who reside in West Sussex, East Sussex, or Brighton & Hove must be reported via the eCDOP online portal.

eCDOP is a user-friendly, secure and flexible online system in which multi-agency partners can communicate and share information about child death cases. eCDOP is accessible 24/7 and allows practitioners to submit child death information promptly. The system has transformed engagement by practitioners from all agencies and has made the child death review process more efficient. The online system is also hosted externally, which mean that all new and emerging requirements (including GDPR) are complied with. Moreover, eCDOP ensures that practitioners no longer have to export data outside their own IT systems which may be patient-identifiable; practitioners can now use individual logins to the portal.


Access the eCDOP portal here.

For further information please contact Maggie Pugh Pan Sussex CDOP Officer at