LSCB Annual Report 2016-17

The LSCB Annual Report for 2016-17 is available to read here and summarises how the Board, and our partners, work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people in our city.

This report sets out what we have been doing over the year to progress our priority areas of business:


Summary of achievements

  • Through the work of the LSCB, the city better understands the prevalence of children in receipt of services for sexual abuse
  • We are more informed than ever on the numbers of children who are victims of child sexual exploitation and the effectiveness of arrangements to respond to this crime.
  • We have successfully embedded learning from serious case reviews and quality assurance work into our multi-agency learning offers.
  • We have seen an 139% increase in professionals attending multi-agency training from this time last year.
  • We have re-focused our commitment to ensuring that strategic and operational responses to abuse and neglect are informed by the views and experiences of children and young people.
  • We have supported the Safeguarding and Review Service (SARs) proposal to incrementally embed a new model of Child Protection Conferences in the city (read more on page 22).
  • Information about parent’s substance misuse is now included on the child’s record and parent and baby records (within Midwifery services) are now linked, as a result of our quality assurance activity.
  • Our quality assurance activity has continued to go from strength to strength, with all actions from our previous audits on domestic violence and abuse, parents who misuse substances, network and core group meetings, and child sexual exploitation, being fully implemented.
  • Following quality assurance activity a Multi-Agency Child Neglect Consultation Group has been developed to offer a safe reflective space to practitioners and their managers to bring complex and stuck cases where neglect of children is considered to be a primary issue
  • As a consequence of a Learning Review arrangements for initiating and progressing legal interventions to remove children from their parent’s care have been improved – ensuring a truly multi-agency approach and mitigating the risk of relevant information not being presented to the court which could delay or prevent the child being safeguarded.
  • We have continued to work well with other boards in the city, such as the Health & Wellbeing Board and the Safeguarding Adults Board, to encourage wider organisations to recognise their responsibilities to safeguard children and ensure safeguarding is ‘everybody’s business’.

Summary of challenges

  • We still need to influence the implementation of Operation Encompass and be assured that Early Help and support is offered to children following an incident of domestic violence.
  • A Multi-Agency Child Sexual Abuse Strategy & Action Plan needs to be developed.
  • A delayed start to the Neglect Strategy has meant this has not been completed within year 1 of the business planning cycle.
  • It has not proved possible to track all the actions arising from the early help audit (see our 2014-15 Annual report) due to the recent changes in early help services.
  • The ever changing landscape of public agencies makes mapping the early help offer very difficult.

Read the full Brighton & Hove LSCB Annual Report 2016-17