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Professionals Briefings

Our Professionals Briefings are designed to make frontline staff and managers aware of the recommendations from Learning Reviews and SCRs, and the learning from our audit and quality assurance activity, so that they can use this to help improve local practice to keep children safe

We would encourage you to discuss these in your staff or business planning meetings. We always welcome feedback – please do email any comments to  LSCB@Brighton-Hove.gov.uk

Learning from Serious Case Reviews and Local Learning Reviews 

Learning from Quality Assurance

  • On its way! The purpose of the audit was to evaluate how effectively current multi-agency practice protects children where concerns have been raised that sexual abuse may be occurring within a family.
  • Children with Disabilities audit we undertook an indepth multi-agency audit in October 2017 to seek assurance that a robust and timely service is provided to disabled children who are in need of protection and whether we are making a difference
  • Neglect Audit  An indepth audit of the effectiveness of arrangements to safeguard children who experience neglect was completed in March 2017
  • CSE Multi Agency Audit – following on from our 2014 audit the Monitoring & Evaluation Subcommittee have looked at 10 cases in depth to seek assurance on the effectiveness of multi-agency working to protect children at risk of sexual exploitation.
  • Parental Substance Misuse audit This in depth multi-agency audit took place in November 2015 and looked at six cases where young children, under 5 years old, lived with parents who misused substances, and focused on the support they receive from agencies.
  • Network Meetings & Core Groups audit In June 2015 Brighton & Hove LSCB conducted a multi-agency audit on Network Meetings and Core Groups looking at agency involvement and outcomes for the child as well as feedback from parents.
  • Child Sexual Exploitation audit  An in depth multi agency audit on CSE was conducted by the LSCB in December 2014, and this briefing summarises the strengths, recommendations
  • Domestic Violence & Abuse audit In September 2014 Brighton & Hove LSCB carried out an in depth multi-agency audit to assure itself of how well agencies were working together to safeguard children and young people who experience Domestic Violence & Abuse

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