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Board Briefings & LSCB Minutes

You can view updates from our quarterly full LSCB meetings below to keep you more informed on the work of your LSCB. We also publish the last twelve months of minutes of our main Board meetings, but if you need to see older minutes please contact the Board office at LSCB@brighton-hove.gov.uk 

LSCB Board Briefing Sept 2018   

September 2018  Minutes 

LSCB Board Briefing June 2018 – minutes

LSCB Board Briefing March 2018 

LSCB Board Briefing December 2017

LSCB Board Briefing September 17 – minutes

LSCB Board Briefing June 2017  minutes 

LSCB Board Briefing March 17 –  minutes

LSCB Board Briefing December 2016 – minutes

LSCB Board Briefing September 2016   

LSCB Board Briefing June 2016 

LSCB Board Briefing March 2016 

LSCB Board Briefing December 2015

LSCB Board Briefing September 2015

LSCB Board Briefing June 2015 

LSCB Board Briefing March 2015

LSCB Board Briefing December 2014  

September 2014 Board Briefing

June 2014 Board Briefing

March 2014 Board Briefing