Think you know about exploitation?

The LSCB is offering various ways to update your knowledge on all aspects of exploitation. There is face to face training, presented by colleagues from WiSE. This consists of two days, the first looking at the various ways that young people can be drawn into the many faceted methods of being exploited, and how to see potential signs of this occurring. The second day looks at working with those young people who have been exploited and ways to intervene and disrupt the behaviours and look at potential exit routes/pathways for the young person the extricate themselves form the exploitative situation. For full details of these courses and to book a place, click here.

There is also the opportunity for managers and staff to organise a shorter more bespoke training session, this can be arranged by contacting either our LSCB Learning & Development Officer or by contacting colleagues at WiSE directly to discuss your individual needs, for example, you may wish to incorporate within your existing group supervision or team meeting.

In the New Year there will also be the potential to use an e-learning package (currently under construction), which will offer yet another means of gaining knowledge around the subject of exploitation.

We would encourage all staff working with children and young people to gain an awareness of this subject. IT will not only enhance your own knowledge but increase the ability of all staff to protect and reduce the risks to the young people of our local area, and also those potentially being brought into the city and it’s surrounding area.