Child Sexual Abuse

The Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse (CSA Centre) has published its annual report measuring the scale and nature of child sexual abuse (CSA) and exploitation in England and Wales.

The report explores data from local authority children’s services, including child protection plans and social care initial assessments which record that a child has experienced sexual abuse or is considered at risk of it, and data from criminal justice agencies, including the police and courts, that tells us about child sexual abuse offences and prosecutions.


  • There is inconsistency between the level of CSA self-reported in surveys and the level recorded by agencies; levels identified in self-reports are much higher.
  • There is substantial variation in local and regional child sexual abuse reporting.
  • How much the rate of disclosure of CSA has changed over time is unknown.
  • There is difficulty properly comparing agency data because the police publish data on CSA and exploitation offences and children’s services record children.
  • It is unknown how the online context is affecting the scale of CSA.

The report calls on the government to commit to commissioning a regular CSA prevalence study.

See infographic from this report here.

Find out more and read the report here.


Source: Centre of expertise on child sexual abuse (CSA Centre).