2016-19 LSCB Business Plan

Brighton & Hove LSCB Business Plan 2016-19

Brighton & Hove LSCB are pleased to share our business plan for the next three years, produced in partnership following the Board development day in June 2015.

This sets outs five key priority areas of business and details the programme of work to support progress on these subjects:

  1. Neglect (Emotional Harm, Domestic Violence & Abuse, Parental Mental Health & Substance Misuse)
  2. Sexual Harm & Violence towards children (Child Sexual Abuse & Child Sexual Exploitation)
  3. Early Help (Pathways, Thresholds and Assessments)
  4. Performance Monitoring (Quality Assurance & LSCB Scrutiny)
  5. Participation & Engagement 

Listening to children & young people, and involving them in discussions about how to protect them from harm, is a vital aspect of safeguarding. As such we felt it was crucial to have conversations with children about the Board’s priorities for the next three years. We spoke to some year six children from primary schools in Brighton & Hove, asking them to rate how important they think our priorities are on a scale of 1-5. They told us that it was very important that children are talked to about the issues the Board have identified and listened to when they have concerns. Read their feedback on page 2 of the Business Plan:

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