Child Sexual Exploitation: Working with Young People at Risk

Location:Brighton & Hove
Type:Multi-agency training
Dates: 12-7-20185-2-2019
Duration:All day

Facilitated by The WISE Project  (What is Sexual Exploitation?) this course will build on the key points explored in our basic CSE awareness course and provide workers with the confidence and skills to work with young people around issues relating to CSE. The day will include a very brief review of the key messages from the basic training therefore this course is only appropriate for those who have previously undergone CSE training. This course explores ways of working directly with young people around CSE in more detail and encourages familiarisation with the resources available. There is also an enhanced focus on online safety and police disruption techniques as well as an outline of the local picture of CSE with reference to serious case review recommendations.

Target Audience:

Members of the workforce who work predominantly with children, young people and/or their parents/carers and who could potentially contribute to assessing, planning, intervening and reviewing the needs of a child or young person where there are safeguarding concerns. This advanced session is suitable for those who have undergone basic training in CSE previously, such as Preventing & Disrupting the Sexual Exploitation of Children & Young People

Learning Outcomes:

  • Review of vulnerabilities and risk indicators
  • Improve skills in working directly with young people about CSE related issues
  • Develop an understanding of online risk, the reasons why young people might be vulnerable and ways they can protect themselves
  • Understand the work Sussex Police undertake to disrupt the exploitation of young people in Brighton & Hove as part of the multiagency team, and how to report CSE to them
  • How to get support for young people who are exploited
  • Be aware of Sexual Offences Act 2003 and other relevant legislation and guidance



To book a place on our safeguarding training use the Brighton & Hove Learning Gateway 

For support or enquiries about using the gateway please call 01273 291460 or email

Training is free for Children’s Services staff, school staff, foster carers, CVS groups, BHCC contracted organisations in Children’s Services, statutory health organisations, police and probation and all early years (including private early years) who are working in Brighton & Hove. Private organisations and those working outside the city – £120


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